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Top Ten Reasons Not to do your Own Tax Returns

10. Your software costs $49.  Our software costs $9,995.  The features are proportional!

 9.  The IRS estimates a gazillion hours to do your own return right.  They're underestimating!

 8.  Your return just adds up damages at year end.  The trick is to avoid them.

 7.  Beware of bargains when selecting surgeons, parachutes, and tax advice.

 6.  You'll never know what deductions or credits you missed.

 5.  If you also give yourself a haircut, your tax return will be about as good as your haircut.

 4.  Ask yourself what happens when someone without experience tries to do your job.

 3.  The IRS tells you how to comply with the law, not how to make it work to your advantage.

 2.  There are more features to your financial life than just taxes.   We advise on much more.

 1.  Asking the IRS for tax advice is like asking a grizzly bear, "What's for dinner?"


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